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The Wire magazine's daytime adventures on air presented by Shane Woolman & Daisy Hyde, broadcast every other Thursday between 6-8pm.

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  • Mclaren, Malcolm-Buffalo Gals
  • Ta-Ku-Red Altert
  • Zomby-Memories
  • Claro Intelecto-Fighting the Blind Man
  • Diamond Version-The Future Of Memory
  • Emma-Jahovia (feat. Rebel MC)
  • Nate Young Regression-Only fallen heads
  • Ensemble Skalectrik-Winslow
  • The Bug-Louder feat. Flowdan
  • South London Ordnance-Black Acre (feat Brolin) (Chris Carter remix)
  • Young Echo-Voices On The Water
  • Kelpe-Monte Verita
  • Drumcell-Wonderback (Bonus Track Version)