The Wire Magazine Present Rewired



The Wire magazine's daytime adventures on air presented by Shane Woolman & Daisy Hyde, broadcast every other Thursday between 6-8pm.

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  • These Feathers Have Plumes-Arches
  • Dubdadda-Give Dub
  • Thundercat-Lone Wolf And Cub
  • Karin Krog-As A Wife Has A Cow
  • Hieroglyfic Being & J.I.T.U Ahn Sahm-Buhl - Civilisation That Is Dying
  • Fadimatou Wallet Inamoud-Wana Le Nouveau
  • Heather Leigh-Fairfield Fantasy
  • Jilin-Erotic Heat
  • Spectre-II
  • Ras G-Spacebase Identification (ft. Kahilil Sadiq)
  • Bjork-Stonemilker
  • Jon Mueller-B
  • MXLX-Fuck Off And Explode
  • Aine O'Dwyer-The Little Lord Of Misrule
  • Rupert Clervaux & Beatrice Dillon-Study II
  • Kamixlo-Paleta
  • RP Boo-02-52-03
  • The Internet-Something's Missing
  • Dale Cornish-Wriggle Like A Fucking Eel (Live From Croydon Cathedral)