Rhythm Connection w/ Francis Inferno Orchestra



A fortnightly journey into H.O.U.S.E. hosted by Dan Beaumont & Nadia Ksaiba featuring interviews & mixes from super special guests. Expect two hours of old bangers and upfront pumpers.

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  • Hot Chip-Started Right ( Joe Goddard Remix)
  • Hercules & The Love Affair-Blue Songs
  • Palmbomen II-Caitlin Ross
  • Voice Of Authority-Stopping And Starting
  • AI-Anima Atako
  • Cowboy Rhythm Box-The Natives Are Having Us For Dinner Tonight
  • Monidi-Budgie in Modini
  • Francis Inferno Orquestra-KAMAKAMA
  • Lipelis-Weirdshit Xu Paelk
  • Matias Aguayo-Ground Floor Left
  • Seven Davis jr-Try Me (I'll Funk You)
  • The Mystic Jungle Tribe-Landing In Solaria
  • Galaxy 2 Galaxy-Big Stone Lake
  • Marquis Hawkes-Sweet
  • Tiga Vs Boys Noise-100
  • Edits De Amateurs-Talking About Togetherness
  • The Lost Articles-Get Some ( The Grand After Dark Mix)
  • L-VIS 1990 - Safe Mode
  • C++-After Image
  • Louis CL-Untitled
  • Untitled-Untitled
  • Adesse Versions-Pride
  • Kornel Kovacs-Pantalon
  • Braden Shlager-Morning (Du Heaume Mix)
  • New Order-Tutti Frutti