Record Store Rotation: Rough Trade



Counter Culture Mixtape aims to reflect the diverse styles of music we sell at Rough Trade - past, present & future – with an array of mini-mixes from numerous members of the shop staff, all of whom have their own individual passions for a variety of genres & noises.

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  • Malcom Middleton and David Shrigley-A Toast
  • The Moving Sidewalks-Flashback
  • Bulbous Creation-Having A Good Time
  • The Outsiders-Misfit
  • Ty Segall Band-Wave Goodbye
  • Ty Segall-Circles
  • Ronny Kae-Swinging Drums
  • Reverend Cleatus and The Soul Saviours-Soul Saviour Stew
  • Fred Williams-Tell Her
  • Love Apple-The Chasing Times
  • The Flaming Ember-Don't You Wanna Wanna
  • Lilacs and Champagne-Danish and Blue
  • Lam Plearn Dok Koon Siang Khaen-Chamnapa Petchpalanchai
  • Angkanang Kunchai-Lam Plearn Mee Mia Laew Pai
  • Lam Teoy Dai Lao Leaw Luemmia-Chanpen Dennapa
  • Fire-Flames
  • Dennis Alcapone-Teach The Children
  • Scotty-Clean Race
  • Symarip-These Boots Are Made For Walking
  • Muguette-Ces Bottes Sont Faites Pour Marcher
  • Joey Bada$$-Christ Conscious
  • The Prof. Meets The Super Villain-My Favourite Ladies
  • Gang Starr-Take A Rest
  • Contact Field Orchestra-Broken Wheel
  • Inoue Shirabe-You Don't Know My Lightcycle
  • Dolo Percussion-In Future Times
  • Demdike Stare-Patchwork
  • Hysterics-Club Life
  • Anklepants-Y.H.I.Y.P (Bintus Remix)
  • Paranoid London-Paris Dub 3
  • Vegyn-Imran
  • STL-Manblind
  • Romare-Roots
  • J Vellez-Untitled 4
  • DJ Ape VS DJ Oa$is-Sleng Again