Round Trip w/ Lucie Grace & Max Luthy



An eclectic breakfast with Lucie and guests: starting with one artist or band and working their way back to the start with any tenuous or factual connections they can conjure as they play anything from Aphex to Zappa.

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  • William Onyeabor-Body and Soul
  • Paul McCartney-Monkberyy Moon Delight
  • Fleetwood Mac-That’s All for Everyone
  • The Cleaners From Venus-Only a Shadow
  • Oneohtrix Point Never-No Good
  • Brian Eno-St Elmo's Fire
  • Dennis Wilson-River Song
  • The Gun Club-Carry Home
  • Whitney-No Woman
  • Fela Kuti-Zombie
  • The Feelies-Raised Eyebrows
  • The The-This is The Day