Round Trip w/ Lucie Grace



An eclectic breakfast with Lucie and guests: starting with one artist or band and working their way back to the start with any tenuous or factual connections they can conjure as they play anything from Aphex to Zappa.

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  • Swans-Blind
  • Smog-Dress Sexy at my Funeral
  • Robert Wyatt-Little Red Robin Hood Hit The Road
  • Stephen Stills-Turn Back the Pages
  • Neil Young-Theme from Dead Man
  • Bruce Springsteen-For You
  • Lou Reed-Vanishing Act
  • Philip Glass-Opening
  • Polygon Window-Portreath Harbour
  • Life Without Buildings-The Leanover
  • The Triffids-Wide Open Road
  • The Go-Betweens - Spring Rain
  • Closed Circuits-Janitor of the Arcades
  • Dinosaur-Kiss Me Again
  • Harmonia & Eno '76-Welcome
  • Neu-Fuer Immer
  • Julian Cope-They Were on Hard Drugs
  • Nigel Simpkins-Times Encounters
  • Psychic TV-Baby's Gone Away
  • Swans-A Little God In My Hands