Round Trip w/ Lucie Grace & Sonny Baker



An eclectic breakfast with Lucie and guests: starting with one artist or band and working their way back to the start with any tenuous or factual connections they can conjure as they play anything from Aphex to Zappa.

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  • This Heat-Cenotaph
  • Camberwell Now-Green Lantern
  • Faust-The Sad Skinhead
  • Suicide-Cheree
  • Dorothy Ashby-Soul Vibrations
  • Stevie Wonder-If It's Magic
  • Madvillain-Great Day
  • King Geedorah-Next Levels
  • Rodan-Shinder
  • Rachel's-Kentucky Nocturne
  • Slint-Kent
  • Stereolab-Tomorrow Is Already Here
  • Microdisney-Escalator In The Rain
  • Yeah Yeah Noh-Prick Up Your Ears
  • The Beatles-Tomorrow Never Knows (Alternative version)
  • John Lennon-Bring on the Lucie (Freda People)
  • King Crimson-Red
  • Brian Eno-I'll Come Running
  • Roedelius-Meine Freund Farouk
  • Harmonia-Dino
  • Roxy Music-Pyjamarama
  • This Heat-Health & Efficiency
  • This Heat-Paper Hats