Round Trip w/ Lucie Grace & Mazes



An eclectic breakfast with Lucie and guests: starting with one artist or band and working their way back to the start with any tenuous or factual connections they can conjure as they play anything from Aphex to Zappa.

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  • Grateful Dead-St Stephen
  • The Velvet Underground-Sister Ray
  • Big Star-Femme Fetalle
  • The Replacements-Androgynous
  • The Beatles-For You Blue
  • Trail of the Dead-Mark David
  • Teen Idles-Deadhead
  • Aphrodites Child-The Four Horseman
  • Vangelis-Main theme
  • Yes-Heart Of The Sunrise
  • The Birthday Party-Big Jesus Trash Can
  • King Missile-Jesus Was Way Cool
  • Bongwater-Folk Song
  • Bob Dylan-Man of Constant Sorrow
  • Grateful Dead-Dark Star (Live Dead version)