Round Trip



An eclectic breakfast with Lucie and guests: starting with one artist or band and working their way back to the start with any tenuous or factual connections they can conjure as they play anything from Aphex to Zappa.

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  • Fuck Buttons-Brainfreeze
  • Lorde-Biting Down
  • CROWS-Silver Tongues
  • Sky ferreira-Everything is embarrassing
  • Dan Beaumont-TRIPPY PUMPER
  • CLAIRE-Gam
  • Tears For Fears-My Girls
  • Big Deal-Dream Machine
  • Sophie-Bipp
  • The Preatures-Is This How You Feel
  • Bondax-Giving It All
  • Dan Avery-Knowing We’ll Be Here
  • Is Tropical-Dancing Anymore
  • Savages-She Will
  • Majical Cloudz-Bugz Don’t Buzz
  • Juan Maclean-Feel like movin
  • The Postal Service-A Tattered Line of String
  • RAC-Let It Go
  • Sisters-Clearhead
  • Nadia Ksaiba-Virtual Lover
  • Foals-My Number
  • Chk chk chk-Slyd
  • Pillow talk-We All Have Rhythm