Tessela - R&S Takeover



R&S joined us for a blockbuster 5 hour takeover this week with some of the best the label has to offer. Lone, Tessela, Space Dimension Controller, Paul White and SYNKRO all laid down power hours in the NTS studio. Listen back in full below.

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  • Eric Copeland-BeatBox
  • Chevel-Harsh Times (Happa Remix)
  • Lee Gamble-Jove Layup
  • Omar S-Track 8
  • Spider & Marshallito-PhD
  • Gerry Read-Bit
  • Hodge-Flashback
  • The Black Dog-Fraction Slide
  • Helena Hauff-Rupture
  • Unknown-Unknown
  • MS-Glamour
  • Vessel-Febrile
  • Asusu-Serra
  • Pev-Aztec Chant (Tessela Remix)
  • PT-The Hard Break
  • Zenker Brothers-Mount Eleven
  • Bookworms-African Rhythms