Ruf Dug & HKE



Ruf Dug brings the leftfield: old video game soundtracks, dusty analogue dreamers and poolside Balearic sounds. No nonsense from the original tropical cyberpunk.

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  • Shinichi Atobe-Free Access Zone 7
  • Omar S-Quadriplegic Companion
  • Moebius And Plank And Neumeier-Pitch Control
  • Disrupt-Berzerk Dub
  • La Vampires & Zola Jesus-No No No
  • Shara Nelson & The Circuit-Aiming At Your Heart Pt2
  • Dylan Ettinger-Gordon's Theme
  • Zomby x Rezzett-SDYE
  • Windows 98-スレノディ 建物が落ちる "
  • AUTO-Andriod
  • 4D Entity-Decedence Of The New Dimension
  • GOLDEN LIVING ROOM and t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者-テレパシー能力者 - 至福
  • HKE-Ghost
  • Remember-Love Me
  • Internet Goddess Shinatama-Presence In The Midst Of An Unspoilt Forest...
  • Wolfenstein OS X-デジタル Hitman Funk
  • Perturbator-Welcome To Nocturne City
  • Vangelis-Tales Of The Future
  • Demdike Stare-Nothing But The Night 2
  • Craig Leon-Donkeys Bearing Cups
  • Tim Hecker-200 Years Ago
  • James Ferraro-Cyber Shock Headtroplis
  • Yamaneko-Noises In the Wave Wires Like The Kissing Of The Sea (ft. Rimplton)
  • Electric Egypt-E.E. Meets As Valet In Addis Ababa
  • Flying Lotus-Such A Sqaure
  • Bene Gesserit-Words
  • Vangelis-Sushi Bar - Damask Rose
  • Front 242-Headhunter
  • Luke Hess-Agape Dub
  • Foba-Unpredictable
  • Haruomi Hosono-Aero