Sacred Pools w/ DJ October



DJ October is perhaps mainly known for his off-kilter work in the fields of house and techno, but can be heard on NTS showcasing a fine selection of records for the Sacred Pools show - harshly metallic noise rock, unhinged post-punk, early industrial and chillingly minimal synth records. No holds barred.

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  • SPIRITFLESH-Hypnogogia
  • Oake-Wuhleor Niir Peffgeeng Pfudenn
  • Riuichi Sakamoto-The End Of Europe
  • Swell Maps-Cave Mines
  • Mudhoney-Halloween
  • Pissed Jean-L Word
  • Crass-You’re Already Dead
  • Cows-The Ouch Cube
  • Ministry-Deity
  • The Cure-The Hanging Garden
  • The Creatures-But Not Them
  • Raw Silk-Just In Time and Space Dub
  • Hypnosis-Pulstar
  • Laser-Laser
  • Easy Going-Fear
  • Koto-Japanese Warfare
  • Maxine Dee-I Need A Man (That’s What I’m Living For) Part 2
  • Gladys Knight & The Pips-Love is Always on Your Mind
  • Johnny Osbourne-He Can Turn The Tide (Version)
  • Dub Crusaders-Dub Train
  • Disciples-Exodus (Dubplate Cut 2)
  • Irration Steppers-War Dub
  • Sugar Minot-Peace Treaty Style
  • Doreen Schaffer-I Don’t Know Why
  • Rhythm & Sound-Let We Go Version