Sanpo Disco w/ Odd J



A monthly 120 minute slot from the brains behind the Sanpo Disco mix series and Melbourne parties. All the way from up-beat disco escapism through to J-Pop or rose-tinted balearic smooth rock.

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  • Mus-Aquel Inviernu
  • Little Tempo-Cucumber Dub
  • Brenda & Basso-Twistin
  • Syracuse-Surface of Revolution
  • Sandii-Zoot Kook
  • Miyako Koda-Sleep in Peace (in the shadow remix)
  • Army of Lovers-My Army of Lovers
  • Kim Hyun Chul-Track
  • Kim Wan Sun-Vol.4
  • Chang Mo Koo-A4
  • Bae in Sook-Let’s go Dancing
  • Mogwaa-Deja Vu
  • Dancing Fantasy-Sample: Get Things Straight
  • Dancing Fantasy-Street Hoping
  • Vincent Floyd-Digital Sea
  • Chung In Jung-Bi (La Pluie)
  • Dan Curtin-Dark & Smokey
  • David Alvarado-Sunchild
  • MC Jeffox, Dj Legend-Sleazy Breeze (Dub Mix)
  • Island Band-Idle Hours
  • YMO-Seoul Music
  • CTI-Dancing Ghosts
  • Laszlo Bencker-Lady Robot
  • Mind Lotion-Hotel Breakfast
  • Patrick O’Hearn-Unusual Climate
  • Mogwaa-Deja Vu (DK Remix)
  • Yoshimi and Yuka-Flower with no colour