Sanpo Disco w/ Ch00n



A monthly 120 minute slot from the brains behind the Sanpo Disco mix series and Melbourne parties. All the way from up-beat disco escapism through to J-Pop or rose-tinted balearic smooth rock.

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  • Eroc-Tausendwasser
  • Peter Davison-Luminous
  • Dreamworld-Beneath Silence And Storm (Part I+II)
  • Cybe-The Running Water
  • Roland Hollinger-Revival's Things Of Dreams
  • 伊藤詳-Japanesque
  • Yumi Murata-Face to Face
  • Chibo-In The Future
  • Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark-Sacred Heart
  • Smagghe and Cross-Carillion
  • Sam Mallet-Up There Down Here
  • Georges Delagaye-Mushingasinga
  • Unknown Artist-天竺之舞
  • Jac Berrocal-Nuit De La Troisième Lune
  • Todd Barton-Heron Dance
  • John Rose-Tropical City Dreams
  • Dominique André-Evôcation :
  • Deserted Eskimos on Holidays-Inside Atmo
  • Xochimoki-Ollin Mecati (Movement Of The Measures)
  • Frederic Porte-Waves Song
  • Albert Alan Owen-Rickshaw
  • Yohji Yamamoto & Yukihiro Takahashi-休憩
  • Roger Baudet-Reverie
  • Francis Bebey-Lion’s Dance
  • Nuno Rebelo-Manobras De Maio
  • Nuno Rebelo-Manobras De Maio
  • Nuno Rebelo-Manobras De Maio
  • Nuno Rebelo-Discurso Do Bom Tempo
  • Michael William Gilbert-Kwaziwai
  • Per Tjernberg-This Earth
  • chOOn!!-The Great Healer, Mwana Kupona