Sega Bodega's Soundtrack Series



The Activia Benz signee is just as set to drop tunes for the club as well as tunes for the movie theatre. You can expect re-composed film scores head to head with emo dancefloor ballads, packaged in a slick hour slot every month by your boy, Sega Bodega.

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  • Bruno Coulais-LA Fin Du Reve
  • Andy Scott-Numb
  • Shigeru Umebayashi-Yumejis Theme
  • Elis Regina-Aguas De Marco
  • Lalo Schiffrin-Tango Del Atardecer
  • Floating Lanterns on a River-James Wong
  • Forever Headline-Lorenzo Senni
  • Sega Bodega-eraser head
  • malibu-avril
  • BEA1991-big world 4 lovers
  • Portishead-Machine Gun
  • Virginia Astley-A Summer Long Since Past
  • Sakamoto Hiromichi-Ultima Tsukiuo (The Moonfish)