Sega Bodega's Soundtrack Series



The Activia Benz signee is just as set to drop tunes for the club as well as tunes for the movie theatre. You can expect re-composed film scores head to head with emo dancefloor ballads, packaged in a slick hour slot every month by your boy, Sega Bodega.

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  • Lalo Schiffin-La Repression
  • Johnny Greenwood-Doghouse
  • Sega Bodega-Kids 2
  • John Harrison-Breakdown
  • Kaoss Edge-5 5 Zebra 2
  • TCF-486669f0e9b8990384108f3d54c6a8f036adeb8bc7108f3d54c6a8f036adeb
  • Eric Serra-Human Nature
  • Zbiegniew Preisner-Damage
  • Animals-Oneohtrix
  • Ismeal Lo-Tajabone
  • Ryuichi Sakamoto-Batavia
  • Joe Hisaichi-Paths of the Wind
  • Joe Hisaichi-The Bugone Days
  • Sega Bodega-Akira
  • Michael Andrews-Socks On Ears
  • SLUGABED-A Thousand Tiny Hands
  • Hans Zimmer-Now We Are Free
  • Vince Pope-End Titles