Sevdaliza heads down once a month to offer up a far-reaching hour of records, from her own experimental R'n'B productions to the latest in noisy and abstract electronics, tune into Sevdaliza, 2-3pm GMT monthly Wednesdays.

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  • X-ray spex-oh bondage up yours
  • janet jackson-free xone
  • grace jones-my jamacain guy
  • sevdaliza-the valley
  • lil kim feat. sisqo-how many licks
  • gazelle twin-Unknown
  • mesh-epitet
  • dot-artichoke
  • h09909-Unknown
  • kanye-send it up
  • lotic-etcetera
  • death grips-the powers that B
  • eprom-center of the sun
  • Kelela-enemy
  • Rabit-Snow leopards
  • Empress of-standard (Abra remix)
  • Unknown-Untitled
  • lil kim feat. ray j-wait a minute’