Long time NTS veteran and Apron affiliate SHAMOS heads a monthly late night slot. Expect a varied, yet consistently cohesive selection, as he joins the dots between rugged analog house, tripped out hip-hop, the punkier dregs of new wave and other leftfield cuts along the way.

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  • DEAN BLUNT-Flaxen
  • Jaylib-Strip Club
  • Brame & Klansee-Alright
  • 24 Hour Experience-Take Me Up To Bed (Filthy Dub)
  • Actress-Always Human
  • KMFH-Measure 2 Measure
  • 24 Hour Experience-Just A Vibe
  • Syclops -Where's Jason's K
  • Wax-50005B
  • Phuture-‘Acid Tracks’
  • + Various-Dem Young Sconies
  • Marvin Dash-Untitled A1