Long time NTS veteran and Apron affiliate SHAMOS heads a monthly late night slot. Expect a varied, yet consistently cohesive selection, as he joins the dots between rugged analog house, tripped out hip-hop, the punkier dregs of new wave and other leftfield cuts along the way.

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  • Special Occasion-Empty Pockets
  • Lolina-Lolina (In Concert)
  • The Missing Brazilians-Ace Of Wands
  • Klein-Make It Rain
  • Martin Dupont-Doron Doron
  • Poshgod-Coppin Time
  • Evan A. James-Tumble
  • Cocain Jesus-Cuffed Jeans With Ripped Knees
  • Shamos-Untitled
  • Savant-Stationary Dance
  • Tolouse Low Trax-Porcelain And Volcano
  • Fotomachine-Black Science
  • Renaldo And The Loaf-Lime Jelly Grass
  • Lolina-Rage
  • Shamos-Untitled
  • Dj Slyngshot-Aint Got No Time
  • Steven Julien-XL
  • O.Xander-Full Spectrum (Juniper's Dub)
  • Shamos-Untitled
  • Hank Jackson-Chicken Fried Shrimp
  • Japan Blues-Stoned Bird
  • Three Chairs Project-Blue Out
  • Shamos-Untitled
  • NGLY-Psychosis 1
  • Craig S. Loftis-Yes It's Right (Ron Hardy Edit)
  • Mall Grab-About You
  • Mad R Ey-Song 741
  • Grammar Of Movement-Faint
  • Marcellus Pittman-Random Acts Of Insanity
  • Lake People-Ashland
  • Dj Sneak-Untitled
  • Tapes-Helix Dub (33rpm)