Shamos - Nervous Records Special



Long time NTS veteran and Apron affiliate SHAMOS heads a monthly late night slot. Expect a varied, yet consistently cohesive selection, as he joins the dots between rugged analog house, tripped out hip-hop, the punkier dregs of new wave and other leftfield cuts along the way.

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  • Black Moon-I Got Cha doin (instrumental)
  • Capital A-All Day
  • Apani.B Fly Emcee-The Woman In Me
  • Brooklyn Slumlordz, Crooklyn Clan-Funky Relaxation (Dubtown)
  • Breeze Evahflowin'-Dip Dip (Remix)
  • Black Moon-Slave
  • Godfather Don-Pick Up The Mic (Instrumental)
  • Kaotic style-Down 4 Whatever
  • Lone Catalysts-Lone Catalysts
  • Smiff-N-Wessun - Stand Strong
  • Mad Lion ft KRS 1-Double Trouble
  • Polyrhythm Addicts-Big Phat Boom
  • Gigolo Supreme-City Life (Flute Mix)
  • Rusty Killa Productions-The Incredible
  • Smiff-N-Wessun - Wreckonize (Remix)
  • Strictly Roots-Brothers Die'n Every Day (Instrumental)
  • Masterminds-Sunshine
  • Pumpkinhead-Daily Bread
  • Rek Sh*t Rebulz-Summer Realness
  • Black Moon-Who Got Da Props?
  • Funkmaster Flex And The Ghetto Celebs-Nuttin But Flavor
  • Brooklyn Slumlordz-Some Ol' Party Beatz
  • Mad Lion-Take It Easy (Instrumental)
  • Funkmaster Flex-Sad & Blue (Vocal)
  • Mr. Khaliyl aka Mr. Man Of The Bush Babees-A Little Higher
  • gigolo supreme-reign over twilight (instrumental)
  • Nuyorican Soul-Nervous Track (Masters At Work Ballsy Mix)
  • The Swing Kids-Yeah (Instrumental)
  • DJ Pierre-War Drums (Call To Arms Mix)
  • The Messenger-Guide My Soul
  • Track Masters-I Need You So Bad (Feel This Mix)
  • Kerri Chandler-Rain
  • Just Us-Hypno Trance (Frankie Cutlass' Club Mix)
  • DJ Joe T Vannelli ft Csilla-Play With The Voice (MAW In Your Face Dub)
  • Classic Man-Rapid Winds
  • Mood Swing-225th Street (Vibe Mix)
  • The Bridge-Something Special Some Club Mix)
  • Shades of Sound-Happy Jazz (Mad Hatter Mix)
  • Todd Edwards-Feelin' Lonely
  • M.A.D.A-Feel Like Jumpin'
  • Look Out-Let Your Body Go (Body Flow Mix)