China Social Club



We team up with China Social Club once a month for some radio, live from Shanghai. Expect far-ranging sets from local DJs and record labels, bringing everything from Canto-Pop, Eccentric 80s dance tunes, Japanese, house, Chinese indie and rock.

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  • Mar-Pa - Finale
  • Bobby Brown-Roni
  • Chill Terrific & Wootacc-伸缩
  • 陈慧娴-反叛
  • Hugo Gerani-She's Lying (Roe St On the Fone Mix)
  • Toshiki Kadomatsu-52nd Street "Akiko"
  • Ntombi & Survival-Tomorrow
  • Echo-深呼吸 (Not Again Remix)
  • 麦洁文-电光霹雳舞士
  • Yumi Murata-不思議起きて
  • MADPETE-纸飞机 Paper Plane
  • 林志美-点指星Sing12
  • 叶德娴-心肝房客