We team up with China Social Club once a month for some radio, live from Shanghai. Expect far-ranging sets from local DJs and record labels, bringing everything from Canto-Pop, Eccentric 80s dance tunes, Japanese, house, Chinese indie and rock.

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  • Give You My Tape-VISUDY X 阿克江LilAkin
  • Al Rocco-Night Flight
  • 李尔新(lil shin),孟子-06.Move that dope Remix ft.小新_OG.S
  • B'Angelo (Blow Fever),Al Rocco,BLOW-Fade Away
  • 阿克江Akin,ZHI16,VISUDY-Luv all night[Atux surfin'Boi]
  • Blacklist ft. Eugenia-You (Visudy Remix)
  • 张震岳,MC Hotdog-一起Happy
  • ConRank-超社会-GAI (CONRANK REMIX)
  • Al Rocco-Me Against The World
  • Al Rocco-Red Money RMB 人民币 2015
  • Cities Around You (Original Mix)-VISUDY
  • VISUDY,阿克江Akin-Seaside Motel
  • MC Hotdog,顽童MJ116,呆宝静Double J-Watch Me Do It
  • Al Rocco1-Roll Up
  • Al Rocco1-Ganja Wang 干架王 ft. Koz & Blow Fever
  • Demo 03-VISUDY
  • Mc光光,满舒克-听你身体说 (heard your body said)
  • 岳云鹏,MC Hotdog-五环之歌
  • Krs.,OSHI,Preston Harris-Iloveyou (Krs. & Oshi Remix)
  • Al Rocco-Chinaman 中国人
  • 马思唯-Na Na(Fu-Gee-La Remix)-马思唯
  • 7JZ,满舒克,Xilly-DAY LOVE NIGHT
  • 马思唯-Na Na(Fu-Gee-La Remix)-马思唯
  • Al Rocco1-Beautiful Nightmare
  • B'Angelo (Blow Fever),BLOW,Gai-鹳雀楼
  • Kinase-VISUDY