SHAPE w/ Lawrence Le Doux



SHAPE is a Creative Europe-supported platform for innovative music and audiovisual art that unites 16 innovative music festivals, including CTM, Unsound, TodaysArt, Rokolectiv and many more. Each year, the festival curators choose 48 strong artists/musicians and showcase them throughout Europe and beyond.

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  • Capelo-La Dance Des Nénuphars (Chopped & Screwed Version)
  • Aquarian Foundation-Mind Miniature Part.1
  • Aaron Dilloway-Psychic Driving Tapes
  • Baleine 3000-Bird Call (Forthcoming On VLEK Record)
  • Maoupa Mazzocchetti-O Horror Na
  • New Age Steppers-My Love
  • ZZZ Feat. Hibahihi-Sleezy Checker
  • Rezzett-Funkm8
  • Dynamo Dreesen, SVN And A Made Up Sound-B1
  • MM/KM-Chorus Beach
  • Marcellus Pittman-Random Acts Of Insanity
  • Fausto-Burnel (Aidons Antoine Rmx)(Forthcoming On PCFQUNREF)
  • DJ Slyngshot-Battlecat
  • Sneaker-Haunted Samba
  • Bruce-Steals
  • Lil Silva-Funky Flex
  • Hysteric-Computer wars
  • Lawrence Le Doux-Floor
  • Bep Kororoti-Tzanza (Forthcoming On HVNX)