$hit & $hine



Noise rock nutcases Shit and Shine do the dirty on the radio. Not to be missed...

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  • unknown-untitled
  • the bristols-who does she think she is.
  • music from-napolean dynamite
  • nhk koyxen-1759+
  • music from-napolean dynamite
  • grace jones-private life
  • loose joints-is it all over my face
  • iggy pop-new values
  • golden teacher-cheeky unofficial $&$ rework
  • music from-napolean dynamite
  • shit and shine-lil wannabe gangsta
  • steve moore-deep time
  • elektroids-midnight drive
  • shit and shine-untitled unreleased
  • roxy music-bogus man
  • ace frehley-new york groove