Shiva Feshareki Presents: New Forms - Else Marie Pade Special



Composer and Turntablist Shiva Feshareki presents her monthly show NEW FORMS. Using her own bespoke turntabling techniques, she re-imagines music and sounds from any genre - live - through warped, vinyl-only turntable manipulation. Allow each special-edition show to be a trip into an alternative perspective to that which already exists: A new form.

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  • Else Marie Pade-Faust
  • Igor Stravinsky-Symphony in Three Movements
  • James Tenney-Saxony
  • Else Marie Pade-Seven Circles
  • Pauline Oliveros & Ione-Water Above, Sky Below Now
  • Else Marie Pade-Face it - Hitler is not dead
  • Photek-The fifth column
  • Lemon D-I cant stop
  • Else Marie Pade-Faust
  • Fresh & Low-New Life
  • Else Marie Pade-Faust