Skinny Girl Diet



Skinny Girl Diet are London's foremost riot grrrl trio. Delilah Holliday, Ursula Holiday and Amelia Cutler. Post-punk, glam, garage and all things nice... or something like that.

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  • True Killer-Sneaks
  • Cannibal-AK47
  • Black Flag-My War
  • Gloss-G.L.O.S.S (We Are The Future)
  • Frank Zappa-My Guitar Wants to Kill Your Mama
  • Mystic Inane-I Believe in U.F.O's
  • Venus Fly Trap-The Note
  • PJ Harvey-The Garden
  • Death-We're Gonna Make It
  • Calvin-2am
  • Clown Alley-On The Way Up
  • Dinosaur Jr-Sludgefeast
  • Lee Moses-Bad Girl
  • The Raincoats-Baby song
  • Negative Approach-Nothing
  • L7-Shove
  • Government Warning-Arrested
  • The Sparkles-Hip Spill
  • Yvonne Baker-Eyes
  • The slits-New Town