S K Y A P N E A w/ Juniper Foam



Every other week NTS will air 120 minutes of sound curated by SKYAPNEA. Precisely assembled mixes put together by label's head Giovanni Civitenga with frequent guests called in to provide their idea of immersive sound.

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  • Soonton Chairoogruen-Lam Thuy Sao Jao Na
  • Unidentified woman-Cântec De Leagan (recording: Alan Lomax)
  • Radio Thailand-Welcome To The World Of Music
  • Kink Gong-Cymb Wu Khmu
  • Juniper Foam-A Portrait of Chris Marker
  • Body/Head-The Canyon
  • Robert Ashley-A Place In The Country
  • Alan Courtis-Corralon
  • Anonymous (Robertsbridge Codex)-Estampie Retrove
  • Unknown-Cassette Labeled “Arabic”
  • King Britt-In Search of Stamen
  • Reynols-10.000 Chickens’ Symphony
  • Anonymous (Montpellier Codex)-Ne m'a pas oublié
  • Charlemagne Palestine-Beauty Chord + Voice
  • Jason Grier-Der Wind und das Meer
  • Robert Ashley-Mr. George Payne
  • Payne and Relph-Mixtape (Terry Riley, “You’re No Good”)
  • Munir Bachir-Maqâmat Mukhâlif, Awshâr, Sigâh, Sabâ
  • Toshimaru Nakamura-No-Input Mixing Board 43
  • Grouper-Sleep
  • Clarence Barlow-...until... (version for guitar)
  • Juniper Foam-Untitled
  • Tjong Pow-Rap Industry Standard
  • Michael Pisaro-Four Messages (realization: Juniper Foam)
  • Kink Gong-Baozoo Khen