S K Y A P N E A w/ Ezekiel Honig



Every other week NTS will air 120 minutes of sound curated by S K Y A P N E A. Precisely assembled mixes put together by label's head Giovanni Civitenga with frequent guests called in to provide their idea of immersive sound.

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  • The Lappetites-Funeral
  • Opiate-Are You? Yes!
  • David Terranova-Kinq
  • Colleen-Holding Horses
  • Kaffe Matthews-Skagerrak / Outside
  • Cornelius-Like A Rolling Stone
  • Nikita Quasim-The Way I Felt Today
  • Oneohtrix Point Never-Laser To Laser
  • Tortoise-To Day Retreival
  • Vladislav Delay-Pietola
  • Ezekiel Honig-High & Low
  • The Congos-Congoman Chant
  • Zomby-Test Me for a Reason
  • Bunnies & Bats-Little Colored Blocks
  • The Breeders-Off You
  • Mark Templeton-Carved and Cared For
  • Ezekiel Honig-Drafting_Hindsight
  • Fennesz-Glass Ceiling
  • Múm-Moon Pulls
  • Morgan Packard-Explain
  • SND-Nine
  • Honig + Templeton-Reginald Cousins
  • Ezekiel Honig-Woven Across Interiors
  • Colleen-Everything Lay Still
  • Mark Templeton-Beginnings
  • Tim Hecker-Incurably Optimistic!
  • Ezekiel Honig-Edit Edit Edit