Smirnoff X IWD: Lafawndah & Kelsey Lu

Los Angeles


"Mothers, Daughters or How to Get out of the Sunken Place Without Giving it Away": a mix of records and original music by Lafawndah, featuring a voiceover by Kelsey Lu. Recorded as part of International Women's Day 2017 with Smirnoff.

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  • Laurie Anderson-Born, never asked x Remy Ma x Maria Rita
  • Kelsey Lu-The bend
  • Sussan Deyhim-Meykhaneh
  • Klein-Moist yatt
  • Sadaf-The clinic
  • Shay-Thibaut Courtois
  • Bonnie Banane-Statue
  • NV-Razm
  • Maluca-Bodega‚Äč
  • Brandy-Long Distance