Sonny Abegaze

Los Angeles


Sonny is a cultural arts programmer and DJ based in Los Angeles. He heads up a 2 hour slot once a month from NTS' Los Angeles studio - tune in for a round-about schooling of his diverse music collection.

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  • Hailu Mergia & The Walias-Yemiasleks Fikir
  • Mahmoud Ahmed-Wogenie
  • Horace Parlan-Happy Frame of Mind
  • Mulatu Astatke-Tezeta
  • Kasa Tessema-Tizita
  • Alice Coltrane-Radhe Shyam
  • Milton Nascimento-Francisco
  • Jon Lucien-Esperanza
  • Ariel Kalma-Yogini Breath
  • Fadimoutou Wallet Inamoud-Yalalela
  • Music of the Sudan: Women’s Dance Songs-Our Circle
  • Musique Ethiopiennes-Sanza “Toum”
  • Ali Birra-Ammalele
  • Emahoy Tsegué-Mariam Guebru- Song of the Sea
  • Georgia Kelly-Seapeace
  • Laraaji-I Am Sky
  • Iasos: Celestial Soul Portait-The Royal Court of the Goddess Vesta
  • Laraaji-Quiet Space Pt. II
  • Iasos: Celestial Soul Portait-The Angels of Comfort