Sounds of The Dawn w/ Aloha Got Soul



Sounds of the Dawn is a monthly two hour session through new age, ambient, environmental, meditation and relaxation cassettes from the seventies to the nineties. Tune in and zone out, and don’t be scared if you’re filled with a desire to get into yoga.

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  • Hawaii's Humpbacks-Social Sounds
  • Third Eye Music-The Path
  • Mike Lundy-Prelude: First Light
  • Gerardo Maza-Odyssey
  • Snail Nerve Cells-Unknown Title
  • Robert ÆOLUS Myers-Caren's Pau Hana
  • Sulubika-African Samurai
  • Bob Kindler-Devotional
  • ÆOLUS-Deep
  • Dennis Graue-Seven Sacred Pools
  • Moonbaths-Soothsayer
  • ÆOLUS-Talking in concert
  • Voyage-Unknown Title
  • Voyage-Hawaiian Chant
  • Haku-Na'u, Ke Kukuna O Ka La
  • Moonbaths-Not In Lightning (excerpt)
  • Tor Dietrichson ‎-Global Village
  • Steve Kindler & Teja Bell-Windsurfer
  • Steve Kindler & Paul Lloyd Warner-Ancient of Days
  • Bob Kindler-Patience
  • Davo-July 11, 1991
  • Hawaii's Humpbacks-Social Sounds