Signal Boost w/ South London Ordnance



Exploring the darker edges of techno, electro and industrial, South London Ordnance joins us once a month from his base in Berlin.

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  • Twink-10,000 Words In a Cardboard Box
  • Vainio-Sick Sick USA
  • Edward Graham Lewis-Start of Next Week
  • Bremen-A Stumble Not A Fall
  • Lituus-A1
  • Throbbing Gristle-Pursuasion (Motor Remix)
  • Hard Corps-Respirer
  • U-Friendly Ghost
  • Carla Del Forno-Fast Moving Cars
  • Symbol-Syncon
  • Unbroken Dub-Lullaby Arp
  • Edit Select-Visitors - Selection 4
  • Mike Parker-Three Golden Heads
  • Sansernes Rus-Rotation Nr. 1