Spacebass w/ LD & Dave Harvey (Futureboogie)



LD and his musically-minded pals deliver a slice of realness via house, techno, disco, funk, soul and the rest. LD has DJ'd extensively around the UK & Europe for years, and loves playing music you can move to. Expect vibes!

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  • King-Unknown
  • Sir John Roberts-Do You Believe in Fate
  • Earth, Wind & Fire-Can't Hide Your Love
  • Akasaka-Water Ways (Original Mix)
  • Odd Nosdam-Sisters (Boards of Canada Remix)
  • Nacho Patrol-Stratus Chant
  • Mr R-Coconut Jar
  • Le Frank O-Keep On Getting Down
  • James Mason-I Want Your Love
  • Disco Halal-Hilbeh (Rabo & Snob Edit)
  • Waffles-Spanish Fly
  • Moscoman & Red Axes-Dikembe Manutu
  • Baba Stillz-Beirut
  • Zombies in Miami-Calo
  • Byron the Aquarius-The Girl In The Bar (Stevie G Dub)
  • Al Zanders-Slenders
  • Brassfoot-After Darkness
  • Dele Sosima-Too Much Information (Rainy City Music Version)
  • Jovonn-Don’t Wanna Let U Go
  • Ngun-Veyra
  • Kyle Hall-Dervenen
  • Red Rack'em-Wonky Bassline Disco Banger
  • Ge-Ology-Escape on the Lodge Freeway (Original Mix)
  • Earth, Wind & Fire-See the Light