LD and his musically-minded pals deliver a slice of realness via house, techno, disco, funk, soul and the rest. LD has DJ'd extensively around the UK & Europe for years, and loves playing music you can move to. Expect vibes!

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  • Bookfa-Press Bookfa Press
  • Black Sheep-Non-Fiction Outro
  • Reggie B-Khemetian Temple
  • 7 Days of Funk-N My System
  • Makondi-Emanative
  • Kenny Larkin-A3 Northern Lights
  • Theo Parrish-Ah (feat. Duminie Deporres, Ideeyah & Marcellus Pittman)
  • Theo Parrish-Long Walk In Your Sun
  • Marcellus Pittman-Extra Credits
  • Marcellus Pittman-In Due Time (Ricardo Miranda remix)
  • Theo Parrish-71st & Exchange Used To Be...
  • Marcellus Pittman-1044 Coplin (Give You Whatcha Lookin 4)
  • Omar S-Frogs
  • Omar S-Gunup Runup
  • Motor City Drum Ensemble-Raw Cuts (Marcellus Pittman Remix)
  • Theo Parrish-Untitled
  • Marcellus Pittman & Rick Wilhite-Dark Walking
  • Theo Parrish (1)-Voice Echoes in the Dark
  • Marcellus Pittman (1)-T.O.M. (Project Remix)
  • Omar S (1)-Who's in Key ft. Theo Parrish
  • Marcellus Pittman (1)-Loneliness Leave Me Alone
  • Omar S-Ready My Black Asz
  • Omar S-U Heard What Da Man Said Muthafukka!!
  • MADTEO feat SENSATIONAL-Mad See Scrolls (Marcellus Pittman remix)
  • Omar S (1)-Mayall II (Original Mix)
  • Theo Parrish (1)-Peter Wheetfeet
  • Secret Circuit-Proton Drive Theme (Nite Jewel Remix)
  • Dntel-Enid
  • Starcrost-Quicksand
  • Jeff Lorber Fusion-Magic Lady
  • K15-Dancing (K15 Remix)