Afrobuddha Presents: Spirits Frequency



Join Kay Suzuki and Koichi Sakai, a.k.a Afrobuddha, on the astral plane for a couple hours of seriously esoteric tunes. Consciousness-expanding stuff.

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  • Ramsey Lewis-Sun Goddess
  • Donald Byrd-Fallin like (Dominos)
  • Leroy Hutson-Lucky Fellow
  • Betty Wright-I Think I Better Think About It
  • Eddie Kendricks-If You Let Me
  • Raphael Munnings-Sleep On, Dream On
  • Afro Kelenke Band-Too Bad Girl
  • Little Beaver-Party Down
  • Luca C & Brigante-Lucio
  • Mr Raoul K-Dounougnan Magni
  • Son Of Scientist-Solution (Dutty Chrurch Remix)
  • Cousin Cockroach-This Ain't Tom & Jerry
  • Likwid Biscuit-Herbz & Spices
  • Hozan Yamamoto-Heavy Shower
  • Hideo Shiraki-Fiesta
  • Tatsu Yamashita-Clouds
  • Tatsuro Yamashita-Love Talking
  • Harumi Hosono-薔薇と野獣
  • Yellow magic Orchestra-Computer Game
  • Yellow magic Orchestra-Firecracker
  • Prince-House Quake
  • Sherrick-Just Call (Hot Line Mix)
  • Alfredo-Hot To Trot
  • Crown Heights Affair-Dreaming A Dream
  • Keni Burns-Rising To The Top