Hosted by Everything is Everything, his soul rooted SUNCUT show boast’s a heartfelt collection of some favourite 45’s through to classic bonafide soulful jams.

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  • Boddie-There's No Answer Without You
  • Samuel Jonathan Johnson-My Music
  • Trevor Dandy-Is There Any Love
  • The Albert-One Life
  • Brenda Jones-Big Mistake
  • Donna McGee-Mr Blind Man
  • Logg-Sweet To Me
  • Rene Cosy-Scrabble
  • Hodges, James, Smith & Crawford-I'm In Love
  • Ernie Johnson-Disco Music Keep On Goin On
  • Patti Jo-Aint No Love Lost
  • Eramus Hall-Just Me & You
  • Mella-Free
  • Dj Rogers-Love Brought Me Back