Sweetboy Pick 'n' Mix w/ Ko__ol



One for the sweet teeth - straight jamz on monthly Wednesday afternoons... It's the Sweetboy Pick 'n' Mix.

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  • JesusChrist3000-As Long As Ropes Unravel Fake Rolexs Will Travel
  • Daniel Duke-Crack Babies
  • Frank Ocean-Pretty Sweet
  • A Guy Called Gerald-Dreaming Of You
  • Inga Copeland-Light Up
  • Faze Miyake-Ice Cold
  • MssingNo-124th
  • Future-Swervin
  • Slimka-Desperados
  • Wiki-Icarus
  • P. Diddy, The Bad Boy Family, Eightball, MJG-Roll With Me
  • T Pain-Pull Up Wit Ah Stick
  • Mica Levi-Love (Bennet Brizers Flip)
  • Superstar-Keep On Rocking DJ I'm Sorry
  • Da Posse, Martell-Searchin' Hard (Mike Dunn's AC Mix)