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Apiento, a.k.a Paul Byrne runs the invaluable Balearic Test Pressing blog, co-runs and A&Rs the International Feel record label, produces for US label Golf Channel and has had releases on Leng, Claremont56 and Andy Blake's World Unknown. His show has that wonky poolside disco thing going on as well as some more mellow things and some older finds.

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  • Sapphire Slows-Silent Escape
  • Wally Badarou-The Theme Of The Lunatic
  • Jex Opolis-La Bellaca
  • Dominique Dumont-+371
  • Joe Tossini & Friends-Wild Dream
  • Tornado Wallace-Today
  • Raphael Top Secret-Maurilia
  • Thool-Honesty (Impatient Edit)
  • Genna-Metro Mind
  • Bedjem Mebok-Full Circle Remix
  • Sfarot --Unknown
  • Zombie Zombie-Hyperspace (iCube Remix)
  • Asa Moto-Make Me Prada
  • Earth Trax-HG
  • Jex Opolis-Wild Conceits
  • Lena D’Agua-Tao
  • Yta Jourias-Adome Nyueto
  • No Smoke-Ai Shi Temasu
  • Natureboy-Relax Man
  • Deep88-We Need Raw
  • Black Dog-Otaku
  • DJ Normal-Water Delusion