The Do!! You!!! Breakfast Show w/ Charlie Bones



How Do You feel this morning? Different? Me too. Do!! You!!! Whats going on? Who knows! Lets ask. Hang loose with Charlie Bones, and guests.

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  • Rufus & Chaka Khan-Do You Love What You Feel (feat Chaka Khan - album version)
  • Wendy and Lisa-Honeymoon Express
  • Stevie Wonder-Fun Day
  • Bonnie Raitt-Nick Of Time
  • Kid Creole & The Coconuts-I'm A Wonderful Thing, Baby (Original 12'')
  • Sounds of Blackness-Testify (album version)
  • The Pretenders-Brass in Pocket
  • Roxy Music-Lover
  • S.O.S-Gipsy's Hotel
  • S.O.S-Gipsy's Hotel