The Extended Play Sessions w/ Mr Pedro



Long time record collector and purveyor of fine musical flavours Mr. Pedro cooks up a banquet of aural delights every other week: afrobeat to disco and more, time to liven up.

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  • Michelle Gonet-Black Conflagration
  • Vangelis-Ritual
  • Joby BernabĂ©-Tout Ko Se Ko
  • Writing on the Wall-Buffalo
  • Arpadys-Spatial Reggae
  • Raimonds Pauls-Unknown
  • D. Singleton-Nick's Theme
  • Argo-Unknown
  • Joby BernabĂ©-La Logique du Pourrissement
  • Edwin Starr-Easing In
  • Mombasa African Rhythm and Blues-Massai
  • Unknown-Unknown
  • Frederic Mirage-Starship
  • L. Subramaniam-Spanish Wave
  • Mr. Funky Samba-Banda Black Rio
  • Intrinsic Trance-Hey Policeman
  • Button Down Brass Band-Superstitious
  • T.O. Jazz-Owuo Adaadaa Me
  • Krishanada-Flor de Lotus
  • Freddie Hubbard-Threnody for Sharon Tate
  • Krishanada-Agua Viva
  • Gary Burtoin-Vibrafinger
  • Johnny Harris-Odyssesy Pt. 1
  • Pink Floyd-Another Brick In The Wall
  • Shadow-A Little Bit of Loving
  • H. Montenegro-Hurry Sundown