The Extended Play Sessions w/ Mr Pedro



Long time record collector and purveyor of fine musical flavours Mr. Pedro cooks up a banquet of aural delights every other week: afrobeat to disco and more, time to liven up.

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  • Jean Yves┬áLabat-Transition 1
  • Roxy Music-Sultanesque
  • Jean Michel Jarre-Oxygene (Part 6)
  • Reinhard Lakomy-Die gotischen Narren
  • George Theodorakis-So Many Flowers
  • RYO-Hawaiian Caravan
  • Brian Bennett-Solstice
  • Magical Ring-Black Safari
  • Jimmy Chambers-You Can't Fight It
  • Eddie Hooper-Tomorrow's Sun
  • Love Unlimited Orchestra-Midnight Groove (R.E.-Edit)
  • Russian-Russian
  • Kim-NE ZNA SE KO
  • Point Zero-Sensual Night
  • White Limosine-Dreams of Gold
  • Ibibio Sound Machine-Woman of Substance
  • Simone-Jump
  • Noel Williams-Do You Wanna Dance
  • Mim Suleiman-Nyuli
  • KJB and the Dreamers-I Wonna Do Something
  • Funk Force Group-Red Light
  • Ypu Are That Man-John Gee
  • Master Plan Inc-Do Something
  • Malinga five-Malinga
  • Letta Mbulu-Down by the river