The Gaza Strip



Sending it out to the stunner in the fuchsia hijab with the light eyes - it’s straight hip hop, r’n’b and dancehall, rarefied with that Middle Eastern sparkle.

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  • Intro-Thunder strike-Intro - Thunder strike
  • Crazy titch-Bad Boy
  • D Double E-come back
  • Kano-Wheel Ups
  • Sir Coxane Sound-Wayne Smith
  • Jody Waltey-Friends
  • Kool G Rap-I declare War
  • Kanye West-Facts
  • Little Mix-Bad Lorde
  • Sir Coxsone Sound-Wadna
  • Lizzy Mercier Descloux-Unknown
  • Jody Waltey-Still a thrill
  • VisaVis-Kankuyema
  • Dominic Frontiere-Dead Dragon Lady
  • Pusha T-Crosses, Crutches, Caskets
  • gph-Make it y
  • Terry Ganzie-nymbingam rise
  • Sir Coxane Sound-Black War Reaggae
  • Maroon Commados-mwakira
  • Natalie Cole-inseprable
  • Radio Spots-Cleopatra
  • Nymbinghi-Babylon Riding