THE POÆTRY SHOW w/ James Massiah



James Massiah is from South London, and is a poet, musician, and founder of ‘The A & The E’, who host regular poetry and music events across the city. His breakfast show sees him pick choice tracks from disco, house, through R'n'B.

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  • Galcher lustwerk-Dockside
  • Mo Kolours-Bomptious
  • Suzanne Kraft-ESL
  • WildCookie-Heroine
  • Retiree-Gundagai
  • Melba Moore-Love Of A Lifetime
  • Daje-Hollow Heads
  • Floating Points-Marilyn
  • Irregular Disco Workers-Megalopolis (The Love Supreme Hard Disko Remix)
  • Matthew Dear-Little People (Black City)
  • Lonley Boy-Love Wanted
  • Hugh Mane-Organic Ceramic
  • Harvey Sutherland-Rosebud
  • Genius Of Time-Tight Genes
  • Tornado Wallace-Insect Overlords
  • Theo Parish-Paridise Architects
  • Crazy P-Witch Doctor
  • Contra Communem Opinionem-Sightless Brightness (Permanent Vacation Edit)
  • Ron Basejam-Run With You
  • Motor City Drum Ensemble-Got It
  • Melba Moore-Book Of Dreams - Piano