THE POÆTRY SHOW w/ James Massiah



James Massiah is from South London, and is a poet, musician, and founder of ‘The A & The E’, who host regular poetry and music events across the city. His breakfast show sees him pick choice tracks from disco, house, through R'n'B.

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  • Mr. Fingers-Can You feel It
  • Jules Born & Tanner Ross-No 1 Else But You
  • Rim & Kasa-Love Me For Real
  • Gino Soccio-Try It Out
  • Evelyn "Champagne" King-Stop That
  • Prince-Lady Cab Driver
  • Boogie Rapture-Surrender
  • Change-The Glow Of Love
  • Blood Orange-On The Line
  • Logic-The Warning (Inner Mix)
  • Hercules and Love Affair-My House (Ft Shaun J Wright)
  • D'Marc Cantu-The Other Side Of House
  • Suges-We Belong To the Night
  • Deee-Lite - Two Clouds Above Nine
  • First Choice-Let No Man Put Asunder
  • D Train-Music
  • Talking Heads-Cities
  • Girl Unit-Ensemble
  • Little Dragons-Recommendation
  • Virgo-All The Time
  • Perseus Traxx-Return to Seriphos
  • Arthur Russell-Get Around To It