The Opera Show



Hannah Catherine Jones splits things open for the Opera Show: an exploration of the best in opera old and new, as well as an unearthing of the operatic in other records from soul, jazz or further afield.

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  • Pauline Oliveros-Trientalis Europaea
  • Richard Strauss-Ah! Ich habe deinen Mund gek├╝sst, Jochanaan from Salome
  • Eartha Kitt-Black Little Angels/Angelitos Negros
  • Verdi-Stride la vampa! from Il Travotore
  • Robert Wyatt-Gharbzadegi
  • Lauryn Hill-When It Hurts So Bad
  • Tchaikovsky-Ophelia's Mad Scene from Hamlet
  • Billie Holiday-Gloomy Sunday
  • Phillip Glass-Trial-Prison from Einstein on the Beach
  • Shostakovich-Allegro Non Troppo from Symphony 5