The Opera Show



Hannah Catherine Jones splits things open for the Opera Show: an exploration of the best in opera old and new, as well as an unearthing of the operatic in other records from soul, jazz or further afield.

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  • Maria Callas-Un Bei Di Vedremo From Puccini's Madame Butterfly
  • Ray Charles-Hard Times (No One Knows Better Than I)
  • Monteverdi-Lamento Della Ninfa
  • Robert Wyatt-Cancion De Julieta
  • Django Reinhardt-September Song
  • Schubert-Rast From Winterreise
  • Frank Ocean-Seigfried
  • Pauline Oliveros-The Tuning Meditaton
  • Ngaiire Ft. Nai Palm-Dirty Hercules
  • Verdi-Prendi, Quest'รจ L'immagine
  • Alice Coltrane-Om Supreme