The Witching Hour



1066 presents The Witching Hour; A testament to the slow, the heavy and the strange. Exploring the realms of doom, grunge and psychedelia.

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  • Lasos-Rainbow Canyon
  • Brian Eno-Signals
  • Sylvester Anfang II-Zure Regan
  • Paul Chain-Continuous Fix
  • Bohren Und Der Club Of Gore-Dandys Lungern Durch Die Nacht
  • Winter-Power And Might
  • Sunn 0)))-Kannon 1
  • The Wounded Kings-Return Of The Sorcerer
  • Electric Wizard-Behomoth
  • Blue Cheer-Peace Of Mind
  • Revelation-Waiting for… the End
  • Cough-Shadow of the Torturer
  • Acid King-On To Everafter
  • Black Flag-Bastard In Love