The Hot Selection w/ Logan Takahash



Having been enjoying his debut solo LP NoGeo for Ghostly International over the last month, it was a pleasure to host this exclusive hour long mix from one half of Teengirl Fantasy - Logan Takahashi. We also celebrated the release of Colouring Book by running 3 of our favourite Chance the Rapper related projects.

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  • La Vie C'est Facile-Fantasm
  • Ital Tek-Memory Shard
  • It's Nate & J.D. Reid-Code Switching (Ft. Kodjey Radical)
  • Frisco-System Killers
  • Bruce-Petal Pluck
  • Deadcrow-Wifi
  • Gold Panda-Your Good Times Are Just Beginning (Hilary Swag Mix Concept)
  • Tre Mission-Stigmate
  • Dizzee Rascal-I Love U (remixe)
  • Lil Silva-De Ja (Ft. Kent)
  • Chnace The Rapper-All We Got
  • Kanye West-Ultralight Beam Ft. Chance The Rapper
  • Chnace The Rapper-Pusha Man
  • Daev Martin-CK
  • Don’t DJ-Savanna Sundown
  • 45 ACP-Hidden Garden
  • Akkord-Smoke Circle
  • Kowton-Some Cats
  • Image Man-Baby
  • Kassem Mouse-Untitled 2 WS 19
  • Ondo Fudd-The Fludd
  • Logan Takahashi-Nukit
  • Boards Of Canada-Staircase Whip
  • Logan Takahashi-Unique
  • Kokum-SZO II
  • DJ Voilå-Les Journées
  • Logan Takahashi-Freq Out
  • Randomer-Percussion Workout 1
  • Blawan-Rubber Industry
  • Batu-Collate
  • J. Albert-Ting Waan
  • Logan Takahashi-Cella (Sporting Life remix)
  • Mike Dehnert-Echo 8
  • Eric Ericksson-Synchronized Minds
  • Los Hermanos-My Mother’s Guitarra’
  • Love Inc-Lady Democracy
  • Mr Macdonald-East Drive River (Calypso Edit)
  • Shye Ben Tzur, Jonny Greenwood & The Rajasthan Express Orchestra-Allah Elohim