The Slip



Rory Bowens heads The Slip one Saturday a month, squeezing out two full hours of Balearic-tinged new wave, the smackier dregs of Italy's dodgy disco underground, and some pupil-dilating shoegaze and dream music.

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  • D-Day-Float A Boat
  • Cosmic Neighbourhood-Elf Door
  • Devon Loch-Somnol
  • Flowerpot Men-UG
  • BenoĆ®t Widemann-Tsunami
  • Patrick Cowley-Somebody To Love Tonight
  • Splash-Tommi Ging Zum Film
  • Boomerang-Na Zapadu Ni Ta Novo
  • Liquid Liquid-Cavern
  • The Clash-Magnificent Dance
  • A Split Second-Flesh
  • Inkke-Blunt In My Jaws
  • Helen-Witch (Vocal)
  • Mense Reents-This Is The Way
  • Terrence Parker-Your Love