The Slip



Rory Bowens heads The Slip one Saturday a month, squeezing out two full hours of Balearic-tinged new wave, the smackier dregs of Italy's dodgy disco underground, and some pupil-dilating shoegaze and dream music.

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  • MCBN-Chloe
  • Berberian Tape-Side B
  • Marvo Genetic-The Fourth Wave
  • Broshuda-I’m Going To Roll Over
  • African Head Charge-Dinosaur’s Lament
  • Flash And The Pan-Walking In The Rain
  • Polyrock-Your Dragging Feet
  • The Outlaws-Crazy Drums
  • Janus-Necronomicon Side A 4
  • Flaming Tunes-Breast Stroke Dub
  • Creation Rebel-African Starship Part 1
  • The System-Find It In Your Eyes
  • Stanley Clarke-Dancer
  • Mgqashiyo Ndlovu-Siyalivum’icala
  • Klaus Schulze-Tango Saty
  • Gino Soccio-There’s A Woman
  • Ron Hardy-116 BPM Track
  • Lowell-No Matter
  • Shriekback-My Spine Is The Bassline
  • 52nd Street-Twice As Nice
  • Don Pablo’s Animals-Paranoia
  • Blair Sound Design-Buried
  • Random Gods-Jabuka
  • Morgan Buckley-Weather Report
  • AiwA-H.I.S. Gap
  • Fotomachine-Circular
  • Altered Images-Think That It Might
  • 1000 Mexicans-Back To Mexico